The project was to research and select and endangered or extinct animal from the part of the world where you grew up. This animal was to be our modeling example for a three part project. 
Part 1 - Recycled Plastics
Project Brief: Build a model of your animal out of found and reclaimed packaging (plastic and other containers). This model should be a physical representation that includes an interactive component.
Part 2 - Illustration
Project Brief: You will create a two-dimensional translation of your animal form, in color, and on paper. This should integrate original text and imagery for this project. Your design should be inspired by the geometry of your reused plastic animal model, but not necessarily married to it. Your design will include text featuring the letter that starts your animal’s name (e.g., A is for Aardvark). Your final is to be made in illustrator and be limited to only 7 colors.
Tools used: Illustrator
Initial Iterations
Part 3 - Animation
Project Brief: You will create a stop-motion animation which is a new interpretation of your animal form. The color palette is restricted to five colors. These colors will be achieved through colored paper, not color printed on white paper.
Tools Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
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