Project overview

During the summer of 2019 I worked as a Program Manager/UX Design Intern for Enterprise + Cloud, situated in M365 Core. I was assigned to work on redesign of the current Hybrid Cloud Migration Experience. It was a top down redesign of a feature and I led a team of two developers to implement my designs and specs. I was assigned two projects over the course of the internship. The first was the implementation of a new Tactical User Pane for Redistribution Groups, and the second being a new migration experience to sit within the new user pane.​​​​​​​

1. Analyze the current tool and break down existing problem areas
2. Design a new UX and process for the migration of users within a Tactical scenario
3. Create two specs, one for the new user pane and another for the new migration experience
4. Work with two developers to implement and develop my design and specifications

Hybrid Cloud has been one of Microsoft's main ways to different themselves from their competitors in the cloud computing market. Other heavy hitters like AWS and Google's Cloud Services both over cloud only services and have caused the market to be extremely saturated. Microsoft found a niche and a customer base in corporations and organizations that require both cloud services and on-premise services and require the two to sync. This leads to one of the problems. 
Most companies that utilize Microsoft's Hybrid Cloud require the ability to move users from Online to On-Premise or vice-versa. However, the current way to move users is to scroll through a list of every user and ctrl-click on the users you want to migrate to make a batch that the user would then migrate. For small companies this may not be a problem, but for medium/large/mega tenants that can have hundreds of thousands of users, this simply isn't practical or possible.

The solution came in two parts. The first was the new Tactical User Pane. In this pane, users would now be able to group users without migrating them. Many customers found themselves migrating the same sets of users back and forth, so allowing them to group these users together without migrating them would allow them to utilize the product far more efficiently then before. In addition a new query filter feature was added to allow large scale tenants to filter through the list of users more efficiently and accurately. This feature will likely be adapted for use in the Groups Experience in the Admin Portal, as they saw our work and thought it would be useful for their projects and features. Users were now able to see what groups had been migrated, what groups were drafts, and what groups were in the process of migration. They also now had the ability to edit who was in each group.
The second part of the solution was a new process for migrating users. This also included the ability to check the migration status of each individual user, see errors, among other features.
I created two Figma UI flows and technical specifications for this project, one of which went to Taylor Thackaberry, who implemented the Tactical User Pane. The other went to Colin Topper who I worked with to implement the new migration experience. The final Pane was placed within Complex Organizations within the Office 365 Admin Portal.
Here is the new feature as implemented:
Detailed explanations can be given upon request
New Migration Experience
Tactical User Pane, Querying, and Group Creation
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