"The purpose of this project is to take a future scenario or world that someone else has already rigorously thought out conceptually and narratively, and translate a core aspect of it into a 1:1 experience that brings it to life, demonstrating your design and experiential futures acumen in doing so.
The format is a “Futures Fair”, a series of staffed, diegetic (in-world) tables/stalls from the future, so there will be a kind of collective coherence to the format of the class effort overall, while also containing a wide variety of future scenarios, themes and concerns, tones and agendas, all using the idioms of a trade show or professional fair as a model. The task is to create a stall that includes a poster and artifact(s) that demonstrate either a light or dark scenario from the future of an existing work."
This scenario is set in a cyberpunk style future, in which corporations have taken oven much of the world. It is originally set in a post nuclear war America (2000's) with much of it set within Los Angeles. It is a dark future in which bionic limbs have become so advanced that people are able to upgrade themselves and replace their parts with body parts that have additional features. As this is a dark future, one of the main premises is that people now can have limbs that double as other things, or choose to have non-conventional parts. It is important to consider because as we advance technologically and prosthetics become more developed, the idea that artificial body parts can become better then natural parts could realistically happen and we must consider the potential implications. 
I ended up creating the above poster and brochure to coincide with the following advertisement speech.
Advertisement Pitch Excerpt:
"Within today’s society, life has become extremely dangerous and people have to rely on only themselves to stay safe. What if you didn’t have to worry about any of that? Here at Raven Cybernetics, worrying is a thing of the past! We offer the ability upload you to the cloud and create a variety of backups so you never need to worry about dying at all. In fact, this process makes you virtually immortal! Take a look at this brochure to see the various options that we offer. We can do a full digital transfer, backups, and more! Essentially the stall consists of an employee (me) and a few basic posters detailing the company and what they do."
Below are shots from the futures fair:
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