Tay Aras

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*This website is still under construction*

I am an Experience Designer & Creative Technologist, currently finishing Carnegie Mellon's Bachelor of Design program, where I am working on the design of Smart Products within the context of Intelligent Environments.

I'm intrigued by Augmented Reality and Automation/Robotics and the role that they and other speculative technologies will play in shaping our future experiences and interactions.

I have worked as an intern at Microsoft the last four years, most recently as a Program Manager. Check out my resume below to see more of my background and work experience.


Email: tayaras @outlook.com
Cell: Email me for my number
I have only four classes left to complete my Bachelor of Design degree, just one every semester, which gives me ample time to work on real-world design projects. I am currently looking for work, so if you happen to be looking for a designer, my contact info is to the left.