Tay Aras

Declining Population of Pollinators | Systems Mapping

Year: 2018
Class: Systems
Team: Tay Aras, Andrea Benatar, Raymond Pai, Zee Salman, Caroline Song, Yoshi Torralva
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This project was done for Introduction to Systems Thinking. The aim of this project was to identify and map a "wicked problem" that was affecting the greater Pittsburgh Area. Wicked Problems are “Issues that are complex ever changing, interconnected and cannot be solved through step-by-step interventions.” This project was also part of a booklet called "Introduction to Systems Thinking" which aimed to showcase the "range of different approaches and methods to analyzing and describing complex human phenomenon". Several of the posters are being showcased at the RSD8 Symposium in Chicago.

I led the research and the mapping of the threads as I had the most background knowledge about the subject. Below are some early stakeholder mappings and analysis.