Tay Aras

Microsoft - Customer Facing Reporting for Customer Key

Year: 2018
Team: M365 Core | Enterprise + Cloud
Role: Program Manager + UX Design Intern
In the summer of 2018 I worked at Microsoft as a Program Manager Intern as part of Enterprise + Cloud Engineering, a team under M365 Core. M365 core is a group that works under Microsoft Experience + Devices. The team that I was a part of worked on a feature called Customer Key. I was tasked with creating a Customer Facing Reporting system for Customer Key, which was to sit within the M365 admin center. What this did was allow customers to see how fast their mailboxes were being encrypted, how many they had encrypted, which ones were on the data deletion path, etc.

To read more about Customer Key, click here

I created a project spec and mocked up a basic layout that illustrated the basic framework and layout.
I created a simple prototype demonstrating the flow and feel. From the data that I had gathered, I also determined how to showcase the data and best represent certain figures. I began working in PowerBI to make an actual prototype of the Customer Facing Reporting. My prototype would pull from existing data sheets from Cosmos (Database) analyze the data for each individual graph or report. As the data was in a raw format, I had to problem solve and create an analysis for each report that would pull the necessary data for each report and present it in an easily readable format. The photo above is an example of a report that could be available.

One Week Expo
I was one of two people chosen to present at Microsoft's OneWeek Expo to Rajesh Jha, Microsoft Executive Vice President and Head of Experiences + Devices, one of the largest organizations within Microsoft. After my presentation, he remarked "your work is extremely important".