Tay Aras

ConnectMore - Hybrid Modular Community Spaces

Year: 2020
Competition: CMU FutureThon
Award: Runner Up - First Penguin Award
Team: Tay Aras, Ashley Burbano, Dorcas Lin, Franklin Guttman

To help people move into a post Covid-19 life we created a modular hybrid community space, to allow individuals with various needs to connect with each other digitally and in-person.

Each community space will be equipped with components that can be rearranged to easily build a community garden, create benches for get togethers, or even tables and chairs for people hosting classes.

Each component also includes a digitized aspect where individuals can virtually participate. There will be tv screen that people can connect to and video chat their friends in this space. This allows people with disabilities and other health concerns to spend time with their friends and family, even if they cannot be there in-person.

When community members are done using the space, they can easily work with their neighbors to take apart the modules so other visitors can later build an environment of their own. 


Only team consisting purely of undergrads to place.

More Coming Soon